Fast, efficient and careful

Bringing green together is our specific quality. We work with specialist equipment, a clever app, strategic hubs and professional transport partners from the sector. A high quality logistic system with which we can supply trees and plants quickly, efficiently and carefully all over Europe.

More about logistics


Every phase of the order process is efficient thanks to the clever RooiApp, which links all the information together.

From lifting the tree to unloading it at the right place at the right time. The RooiApp also helps us load the products in the right order. Ideal for large projects that have different unloading sites.



Our hubs are logistic interchanges and are a symbol of our strength: bringing green together. Our own lifting teams and suppliers bring the products that have been ordered to the hubs.

The products are loaded and made ready for transport at each hub twice a day.


Professional partners

Whatever tree, shrub or plant you are looking for, Huverba can supply it. Thanks to close collaboration with many other growers in the region, who bring their products to our hubs every day. We also work with carriers who, like us, set the highest standards on the transport of living material. This way we can bring the green to destinations all over Europe.

Crane trucks

Huverba has developed a special crane, operated by our professionals, to ensure that loading and unloading is efficient and precise. We can use it to unload trees with a minimum of movement. That is to your advantage. Loading and unloading is quick, the trees are undamaged and you do not need to rent a crane.

That’s the way Huverba delivers

> Everything you need

> Right up to the planting hole

> Exactly according to the agreement

> With a short delivery time

> Exclusively high quality

> Complete or in part loads